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After the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and management consulting at a “Big Eight” accounting firm, Jan Leslie opted to pursue her love of design. In addition to her degree in Accounting and Entrepreneurial Management, an internship program in the Metals Department at the Parsons School of Design in her background was an asset when she decided to start her own business in jewelry design. In her field, Jan has been called a fashion visionary.

Now, over eighteen years later, Jan Leslie features a diverse collection of men's accessories sold exclusively in a handful of select luxury stores around the globe. Best known for her vibrant hand-painted enamels and stunning semi-precious stone collections, Jan Leslie continually rejuvenates and redefines menswear, no matter the season.

In the sterling silver hand-painted enamel collection, artisanal methods produce unique works of quality and understated elegance. The creative process begins with the study of the actual subject--insect, animal or otherwise. Next a wax prototype is sculpted then cast in sterling silver and polished smooth. The creation is then individualized through a technique of meticulously hand painting layers of enamel, creating the desired blend of color and luminescence. The overall process transforms a simple statement into a commissioned piece of art.

Jan Leslie magically reinterprets the world around her, creating completely new and beautiful forms. Her signature hand-painted enamel pieces in particular, oftentimes likened to paintings, represent the essence of the designer herself: artful, unique and inspired. Jan Leslie’s cufflinks are a thrill to wear and passion to collect.


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