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He's traded his gas-guzzling SUV for a hybrid and gone green at home. His conscience is finally at ease but a longing for the roar of heavy metal and the buzz of central air somehow remains. Today with so few areas to guiltlessly go big, fashion-forward accessory designer Jan Leslie has charged to the rescue with oversized, masculine designs that make a big bang. Today's man undoubtedly does it all, and right off the cuff, deserves to be noticed. From the boardroom to black tie benefits, Jan Leslie's bold, luxurious cufflinks are his go-to pieces to do just that.


With the upcoming release of DreamWorks animated "Bee Movie",

Jan Leslie's Bee Cufflinks are the BUZZ!

October 12, 2007: With the upcoming release of DreamWorks animated "Bee Movie" starring Jerry Seinfeld and Rene Zellweger (in theaters November 2007) Jan Leslie's Bee Cufflinks are the BUZZ! Insiders at DreamWorks productions have been busy bees - sending out swarms of assistants to snap up all of the Jan Leslie sterling silver hand-painted enamel bee cufflinks they can find at retail. The buzz is if you're on the A list you'll receive this fabulous gift! And if not, they are always available at


Dark Gems Sparkle on the Well-Dressed Man

Jan Leslie, the New York-based men’s accessory designer renowned for her fresh take on the classics, presents a new line of marcasite accessories for the well heeled man. For those who desire the mysterious sparkle of gunmetal at night, or a hint of flash by day, items from Jan Leslie’s Marcasite collection are perfect compliments to fall/winter’s dark, rich color palette. Ideal for the holidays, the subtle sparkle of marcasite is a surefire way to shine. Understated elegance rather than bling bling diamonds, marcasite still wows with deep, glimmering steel colored faceted hematite stones and hand-finished antiqued settings constructed of sterling silver.

The Jan Leslie Marcasite collection consists of three different shapes for cufflinks and a classic round for a full stud set. No man should be unprepared when having to don a tuxedo, stranded with only leftover plastic studs from a long forgotten prom. Leslie’s marcasite stud sets make formal wear truly sing, and bring tuxedos to life. A marcasite cufflink offers a quick hit of dashing elegance when pinned onto a shirtsleeve and peeking out from beneath even the most staid of gray flannel suit. Men aren’t afraid to show their debonair sides and Jan Leslie knows it. Her huge range of accessories let men display their personal style without sacrificing sophistication, elegance and luxury.

Jan Leslie has been producing fine accessories for more than fifteen years.  Inspired by the energy of her home base New York City, travel through far-off lands, vintage jewelry, antiques and the beauty of nature, Leslie creates expertly handcrafted, novel accessories for every sensibility. Her whimsical take on classics, lighthearted enthusiasm and general optimism encourage freedom and greater options for expression of personal style.

Jan Leslie’s Rose Collection

A gesture of love that will last forever…  

The rose has long been the symbol of love and beauty, immortalized in the art, literature and traditions of many cultures worldwide. It is the symbol of sentimental love, amorous allegiance or appreciation, and is always chosen for the cherished. For these reasons, we give our loved ones roses. But why give them a gift that they can cherish but only for a few days? Why not take that same gift and make it of an everlasting substance, turning it into a lasting investment in your relationship?

With Jan Leslie’s Rose Collection, we have taken this most sought after gift and made it one that can continue to speak your heart. Hand-carved from the finest, most striking semi-precious stones, your gesture will forever say “I love you.”

Cufflinks available in Mother of Pearl, Tiger’s Eye, Black Onyx, Hematite and Lapis. Stud Set available in Mother of Pearl, Black Onyx and Hematite.


An important reminder

While designers and marketers alike have spawned such innovations as the elusive “control top panty hose,” such necessity-type items come up short of fun. Every now and then, however, a visionary comes along with enough wit and panache to invigorate a marketplace drowning in ennui. In menswear, admittedly safer and more traditional than women’s, accessories designer Jan Leslie has managed to spice up the most mundane of items. This season she tackles the collar stay. A staple for the well-dressed man, collar stays are often a forgettable necessity, relegated to that same old To Do list right after picking up the dry cleaning. But what if they did more than fix a limp collar? What if they perked you up without coffee, or gave you a little smirk amidst the everyday corporate drudgery? On behalf of all men, Jan Leslie has stamped her collar stays with a powerful credo: STAY STIFF. Men, take it how you like. One thing is for sure: we’re not complaining!

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